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About Us

Welcome to Bauer Barrels

Located in Burlington, Ontario, we re-purpose wine barrels that have housed an Ontario wine. All of our barrels come from the Niagara region and each of them have a unique story behind them.  Barrel differs in size, colour, cooperage marking and type of wine it held.  Wine barrels are beautiful casks handcrafted by talented coopers or “barrel makers”. The barrels that we acquire are made from a variety of different types of oak usually from France, United States and Hungary.

We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability. By re-purposing barrels we are giving them a new life and using them to create long lasting pieces of furniture or as some have said “family heirlooms”.  We also strive to use as much reclaimed wood as possible. Not only is the wood beautiful it also has character and often has a unique story to tell about its previous uses.

We pride ourselves that each product is custom built once its ordered. We work closely with all of our customers to design a one-of-a-kind product that is high quality and matches exactly what they are looking for. Fake rolex uk

Together with our team of incredibly talented carpenters, we look forward to working with you to design wine barrel furniture that is handcrafted right here in Canada.

Ashley and Dave