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We are up for an Award of Excellence

We are very honoured to be in the running for an Award of Excellence for Bauer Barrels.

We started Bauer Barrels just under a year ago. I came up with the idea of making handmade gifts for Christmas last year for our parents. We had never done anything like that before so we challenged ourselves to make a very unique gift. We decided that we would make a wine barrel table. We came up with our design and started building through trial and error. Both sets of our parents were thrilled with the gifts and couldn’t believe we had handmade them.

When friends and family visited them over the holidays they started asking if we would build tables for them as well. After the positive feedback we were receiving we decided to create a Facebook page to see if there was any interest. We were completely overwhelmed by the interest and from there I decided to start my own home-based business.

The reason I am up for the award is because I run Bauer Barrels while also taking care of my two little girls who just turned 2 and 1.

Between now and March people can vote for their favourite business on the Mompreneur website. If you like our products and our handcraftsmanship then we would be very appreciative if you would take the time to vote for us. If we win, we are going to donate some of the money to a charity that plants trees in Ontario. The wine barrels have all been used for Ontario wine making and we use reclaimed wood wherever possible. It is our goal to use sustainable and renewable resources for the products that we make.

Here is the link to vote – http://iframe-4174411.strutta.com/entry/4498067   Knock Off Breitling  high replica watches

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to vote for us. You support is very much appreciated.